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Another 50 jobs secured in Sibbhult

SwePart Transmission AB, an established vehicle industry supplier, will take over part of the existing production at the Scania plant in Sibbhult. “This marks another step in the process of securing replacement jobs in Sibbhult,” says Per Hallberg’s, Scania’s Head of Production and Procurement.

Together with the agreement signed with Sibbhultsverken AB in June 2006, Scania has secured some 200 replacement jobs in Sibbhult, following the decision to concentrate its European production of axles and gearboxes to Södertälje.

SwePart Transmission, a company in the Hexagon Group, will take over manufacturing of some components for Scania’s gearboxes. These operations in Sibbhult will start during the second half of 2007 and initially employ about 50 people.

“Given the great expertise that SwePart Transmission possesses in the transmission field, we will expand our business with a long-term, quality-conscious supplier of gearbox components,” Mr Hallberg says.

SwePart Transmission has long experience as a vehicle industry supplier. Its operations encompass manufacturing of customer-specific gearboxes and precision-ground gearwheels as well as other transmission parts.

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