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Scania to deliver 500 trucks to prestigious British transport company

Eddie Stobart Limited, the best-known name in the British transport industry, has selected Scania as its preferred fleet truck for 2007. Consequently, in excess of 500 vehicles have now been specified with deliveries beginning in March. The lowest cost of operation and the highest level of aftersales service were the main reasons for selecting Scania.

Scania was selected as the company’s preferred supplier in rigorous competitive-evaluation trials.

“In addition to low whole-life costs, fuel economy and operating efficiency, Scania EGR was a factor strongly in our favour as Eddie Stobart Limited wishes to avoid the additional burden of SCR and AdBlue," says Scania (Great Britain) Limited's Managing Director, Dan Hoij.

The order comprises both R420 tractor units and rigids as well as two fire appliances destined to operate at Carlisle Airport in the north west of England.

Scania’s customers can select engines based on either the EGR-technology or SCR.

EGR recycles exhaust gases into the engine to reduce NOx emissions. This technology does not require the driver/operator to handle any additives when refuelling and no extra installations are needed on the vehicle. SCR is an aftertreatment technology that cleans exhaust gases after combustion by injecting a urea solution contained in a tank on the vehicle into the exhaust gases.

Experience in day-to-day operation indicates that many truck and bus operators prefer EGR because this technology is more convenient for many applications.

For the current European emission level, Euro 4, all Scania 9-, 11- and 12-litre engines are equipped with EGR and the 16-litre V8 engine with SCR.

For Euro 5, which will be effective from 2009, Scania currently offers three SCR engines. Later this year Scania will start introducing its new platform for Euro 5. On these new engines, Scania uses EGR, without any aftertreatment to meet Euro 5

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