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Scania makes large sale in Brazilian mining industry

Vale do Rio Doce, one of the world’s largest mining companies, is choosing Scania as a supplier of construction trucks and workshop services. The number of trucks will total at least 300, of which 120 were recently delivered. The trucks will be used for transporting iron ore at a big mining project in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

“Our trucks have a broader range of applications. They are regarded as more efficient and as having higher second-hand value than the dumpers traditionally used in the mining and construction industries. In addition, we have a far-flung network of Scania workshops, which means we can provide a high level of service,” says Christopher Podgorski, who is in charge of Scania’s sales and service operations in Brazil.

The order comprises four-axle tipper trucks with drive on two axles (8x4), intended for heavy haulage. The trucks are equipped with a 420 hp engine and the Scania Retarder auxiliary braking system. Scania dealer Itaipú Máquinas Veículos will be in charge of vehicle service and maintenance.

In 2001, Scania was the first to introduce this type of trucks in Brazil. Today more than 700 Scania trucks with the 8x4 wheel configuration are operating in the mining district of Minas Gerais.

Scania is also increasing its sales in the mining and construction segment in such countries as Chile and Mexico. More and more customers are choosing Scania due to the good performance and low operating costs of these vehicles, as well as a well-developed service network.

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