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Scania’s environmental report best in class

The Swedish Association of Auditors has voted Scania’s environmental and sustainability information best in class. Consistent control and management of the company’s environmental work are among the report’s foremost strengths, according to the jury.

There are three areas in Scania’s environmental report that the Swedish Association of Auditors particularly emphasised. The first is Scania’s presentation of risks and opportunities linked to environmental demands and legislation governing trucks, and the second is the detailed presentation of results regarding environmental performance. Lastly, the clarity of Scania’s control of pro-environmental work was also highlighted.

“Scania’s environmental and development information conforms to the same high standard as the rest of the company’s business-related information in the annual report, which shows the importance given to these issues in the organisation,” writes the jury in its report.

The environment is part of Scania’s business-related prioritisation and the strategic decisions are taken by the executive management. They are handled by Scania’s environmental affairs coordinators from various operations, who work together in the Quality and Environment department. The operative decisions are taken within each line organisation.

“Since each manager is responsible for goals and follow-up at local level, cooperation between employees is further strengthened and promotes continuous improvements and environmental awareness,” says Urban Wästljung, manager of Public and Environmental Affairs. “This work is the very foundation of our success in the environmental area and the basis for having something to report in the first place.”

Since environmental demands have a decisive role in development work, environmental issues are a natural part of Scania’s business-related priorities. Scania’s environmental work follows the OECD guidelines for multinational companies and focuses on minimising environmental effects at all stages of a vehicle’s lifecycle. The company has always aimed to act in a resource-efficient manner so as to avoid waste of raw materials and energy.

The Swedish Association of Auditors (SRS) and the Institute for the Accountancy Profession in Sweden (FAR) have been operating in a joint organisation since

1 September 2006.

For further information, please contact:

- Urban Wästljung, Manager Public and Environmental Affairs, Scania,

phone +46 70 5371619

- Anna Sjödahl, Manager Quality and Environment, Scania, phone +46 70 317 23 40