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Scania’s message to the EU Parliament: Start using renewable fuels now!

Future alternatives hold great potential, but we need to start now, working in several directions. By using existing technology, Scania can start the transition to renewable fuels right now. This is the message at a Scania seminar this evening at the European Parliament in Brussels on the theme “Future Solutions for Transport Energy”.

Scania’s dinner seminar is gathering around one hundred participants, including Members of the European Parliament, top officials at the European Commission as well as industry experts and representatives of public authorities.Hasse Johansson, Group Vice President in charge of research and development, will present Scania’s view of the transport sector’s contributions to sustainable development and potential ways of reducing dependence on fossil fuels. “Scania’s view is that the transition to renewable fuels can start right now. We can go a long way with what we already have. State-of-the-art technology provides robust solutions that are economically viable for transport operators. In the longer term, we will come up with even better technologies that can be developed into commercially viable solutions,” Mr Johansson says.According to Scania, ethanol today is the preferred renewable fuel. “Ethanol is very suitable for urban applications. After 15 years of regular city bus operation in Stockholm, for example, Scania's ethanol technology is mature and provides major environmental benefits,” Mr Johansson says.Today, internationally interest in ethanol-powered operations is increasing. As the only supplier, Scania has started to deliver ethanol buses for trials in public transport systems in Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain and China.For further information, please contact:Urban Wästljung, Public and Environmental Affairs, tel. +46 70 5371619, e-mail