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Scania reinforces brand with own clothes collection

Scania is moving into the world of fashion with the launch of its own collection of clothes. The Scania Truck Gear Collection includes clothes to suit the driver’s lifestyle – not just tasteful and functional clothes for working in, but also for life both inside and outside the cab.

“The aim was to create ideal everyday clothes for the truck driver. So it was not just a matter of taking items off the shelf and stitching on the company logo,” explains Anna Carmo e Silva, who directed the project for Scania. 

Scania drivers from all over Europe were interviewed about their work and leisure clothing needs. The interviews provided the basis for the design brief that was given to a small number of design studios, based on keywords such as Genuine, Durable and Unique.

“The interviews indicated that Scania drivers want clothes that are equally suitable for working, sitting down for a coffee break or wearing for leisure. He wants to dress well in clothes that proclaim what he drives and who he is. And it’s also important that the clothes convey the same sense of quality and reliability as other Scania products.”

The drivers’ views were also decisive to the choice of materials and detailing of the garments. The fabrics have been chosen to suit the environments in which truck drivers often find themselves. Pockets suitable for freight documents, integrated reflective strips, two-way zips and carefully selected, functional materials are some of the features of the garments.

Initially, the Scania Truck Gear Collection will consist of about 30 different items, which will be available from Scania dealers in January. These will include jackets, shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, shorts, overalls and boots, as well as accessories such as sunglasses, caps and gloves.

The Scania griffin is a recurring theme of the design, together with the ‘Power Passion’ motif in more or less discreet versions.

“Scania Truck Gear is a collection of attractive clothes combining quality with comfort and design with functionality, and has been created by expert designers to convey a clear and exclusive Scania identity, concludes Anna Carmo e Silva.

Pictures of the new collection can be downloaded from the Scania web site at

For further information, please contact Anna Carmo e Silva, tel. +46-8-553 500 26.