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Swedish oil company invests in Scania on-board computers

Scania delivers 63 on-board computers of its Scania Interactor 500 series to the Swedish oil company OKQ8. The computers will be an integral part of the company’s distribution operations in Sweden. Deliveries will start before end of this year.

The order from OKQ8 is the most recent in a series where customers have identified the need for a reliable on-board computer to run their industry-specific software. 

OKQ8 has decided to invest in an advanced order-handling system in order to make more efficient use of their vehicles. Scania Interactor 500 is an important part of that system, which requires a Windows-based on-board computer. The system is developed and supplied by PSI Systems AB. Also included is a range of driver support tools and fleet management services developed by Scania, e.g. navigation and remote collection of vehicle data. 

“The deal with OKQ8 further strengthens Scania's position in the market for Windows-based on-board computers. Scania’s strategy is to develop its fleet management products on an open platform. This is highly appreciated by customers, since they can run their own Windows-based applications on our system,” says Joel Granath, responsible for Fleet Management Business at Scania.

Scania Interactor 500, which is part of the modular range of Windows-based on-board computers from Scania, has been developed for installation in other truck makes as well. Scania’s robust computer platform, with its Windows XPe operating system and good ergonomic design is unique on the market. 

Scania’s partner for delivering the on-board computers on the Swedish market is Fleetech, who will deliver the computers to OKQ8.

For further information, please contact Joel Granath, Scania Fleet Management, 

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