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Scania delivers engines for armoured vehicle CV90

Scania has received an order from Land Systems Hägglunds concerning 192 engines to be used as prime mover in the CV 90 armoured vehicle.

Land Systems Hägglunds earlier received an order from the Netherlands for the armoured vehicle CV90 and it was recently decided that all of the vehi-cles will be equipped with Scania’s 16-litre engine.

”This order is solid proof that our engines fulfil the high demands of perform-ance and reliability that are put on engines in military applications,” says Mr Lennart Hjelte, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Industrial & Marine Engines.

It is Scania’s 16-litre V8 engine that will be installed in the armoured vehicle and the first prototypes are to be delivered in late 2005. Serial deliveries will commence in the mid- 2006. 

Scania and Land Systems Hägglunds has co-operated closely for many years and Scania has so far delivered more than 1,000 engines. The 16-litre engine now on order has been developed and adapted in close co-operation with Hägglunds to meet their specific demands.

For further information, please contact Lennart Hjelte, phone +46 8 553 823 17 or mobile +46 70 577 76 45 or Annika Stenlund, Communications Man-ager, phone +46 8 553 899 90 or mobile +46 70 578 99 90

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