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The new Scania R-series goes to Japan Economy and safety in focus

Scania’s Japanese partner Hino is introducing the latest generation of Scania trucks at this year’s Tokyo truck show in October. The focus of interest is on the improved fuel economy of the new R-series and on Scania’s computerised ESP stability enhancement system, which boosts safety on the road.

The R-series recently received type approval in Japan. This makes Scania the only non-Japanese manufacturer of heavy vehicles to meet the norms for sales in Japan. 

The experience gained from the Scania 4-series – with more than 120 Scania trucks operating on Japanese roads today – shows that what the Japanese customers appreciated most is their fuel economy, comfort and driving characteristics. 

“The new Scania generation offers improvements in all these areas,” says Anders Lööf, who is directing the introduction of the new models in Japan together with Hino.

“The issue of road safety has the very highest priority in Japan and interest in Scania’s new stability-enhancing ESP system is therefore considerable. Japanese truck operators have also noted that Scania received the 2005 Truck of the Year Award for improved ergonomics and driver comfort. The new models thus meet the Japanese market’s high demands and expectations.” 

Through cooperation with Hino, Scania’s Japanese customers have access to Hino’s comprehensive service network. This network is based on 42 main workshops plus peripheral satellite workshops spread along the country’s roads. 

With the introduction of the R-series, Scania now offers the Japanese market an extended product range with 420 and 470 hp engines, as well as a choice of two cabs.