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Scania delivers engines to ferries

Scania’s modern 16-litre marine engine will be used in the five largest ferries in Sweden operated by the Swedish Road Administration Ferry Operations.

The ferries operates on the west coast of Sweden, four at Hönöleden and one in Lysekil. Hönöleden is the busiest ferry route in Sweden with an average of 5,700 vehicles per day.

The ferries are currently equipped with engines from the mid-1990s, which need to be replaced after many years of intense operations. The SRA Ferry Operations selected Scania as supplier of twenty 16-litre V8 engines that developing 365 kW (approx. 500 hp). Each ferry has four engines.

The SRA Ferry Operations have high demands on fuel economy in combination with low emissions. By choosing one of the most modern marine diesel engines on the market and combining them with a CRT-filter, which consists of a particulate filter and an oxidation catalyst, the emission levels can be cut drastically.

Scania’s 16-litre engine is equipped with Scania’s electronic EMS (Engine Management System). Scania EMS makes it possible to program each individual engine to meet specific customer demands for engine revs and workload, for example. The system monitors and processes thousands of pieces of vital data every second and evaluates the information to adjust injection timing and the amount of fuel injected to ensure optimum combustion and fuel consumption in response to operating conditions. 

The repowering, which will commence at the end of this year, will be carried out by Djupviks Shipyard, situated on the Swedish west coast and belonging to the Swede Ship Marine Group.

For further information, please contact;

Annika Stenlund

Communications Manager at Scania Industrial & Marine Engines

phone +46 8 553 899 90

mobile +46 70 578 99 90

Scania is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. With 30,000 employees and production facilities in Europe and Latin America, Scania is one of the most profitable companies in its sector. In 2004, sales totalled SEK 56.7 billion and income after financial items was SEK 6.0 billion. Scania products are marketed in about 100 countries worldwide and some 95 percent of Scania’s vehicles are sold outside Sweden.

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