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Scania's T-model says goodbye

Scania will soon put an end to a century-long design concept. Sales of the bonneted T-model have declined during the past 10 years and it is no longer defendable to continue developing and producing it. Production will be phased out by October 2005.

“The trend in all our markets is clearly in favour of forward-control trucks. Length regulations and productivity requirements on a competitive market have put an end to the market for bonneted trucks in most parts of the world. With the addition of more robust options in Scania's new truck range, we provide forward-control trucks that can perform all types of transport tasks at least as efficiently as a bonneted counterpart,” says Group Vice President Gunnar Rustad, responsible for Scania Sales and Services worldwide.

“Globally, Scania sold less than 1,000 T-trucks in 2004 and this is what has tipped the scales. Volumes have halved in Europe and slumped by 90 percent in Latin America over the past decade. The T-model will be phased out globally by October this year,” concludes Gunnar Rustad.

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