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Scania Fleet Management Voice navigation in Scania Interactor 500 and 600

From January 2005, Scania's range of fleet management products is extended to include advanced voice navigation as an accessory. The system has a large number of features for detailed route-planning via convenient menus on the big touch screen of Scania's on-board PCs, the Interactor 500 and 600. Clear voice commands guide the way, normally without any need for the driver to take the eyes off the road. High-resolution map images with route guidance on the screen provide additional support at any time.

The inclusion of an advanced navigation system is an important extension of Scania's fleet management offer. Drivers will appreciate the convenient user interface and the possibility to tailor the route planning system to individual needs. Operators will save fuel on precise routing and benefit from improved transport efficiency. To facilitate trip and maintenance planning, the maps include the entire Scania service network.Route-planning Inputs can be made via on-screen menus or via an optional keyboard, including all planned stops and known obstacles along the way. The itinerary is then planned automatically by the system. Routes and locations, as well as detailed driving instructions, can be stored for future use. They can also be downloaded and shared with other drivers or printed via the USB port on the PC. En routeOnce the route has been planned, a clear voice guides the driver along, normally without any need for him or her to take the eyes off the road. High-resolution map images with clearly highlighted route guidance are displayed on the big screen for additional information. The display scale can be changed by the driver at any time. The system can be set to automatically zoom in on the map when the vehicle approaches a critical point on the itinerary, such as a turning point and when reaching the final destination.Route changes can be made at any time. The system automatically re-plans the route if the vehicle leaves the intended itinerary, e.g. for the driver to take a break or because of traffic conditions. The user can at any time force a rerouting if the proposed route is unsuitable.The system continuously calculates and displays the estimated time to arrival, based on the road types lying ahead and road speed appropriate for heavy transport vehicles. A large number of additional parameters can be set individually to tailor the routing to the user’s needs or preferences.Comprehensive coverageScania’s voice navigation system includes digital maps of western Europe, with full street-level details in most countries.Street level detail: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Partial coverage: Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Slovakia.Ten system languages are available: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.Open architecture, compatible with mixed fleetsScania Voice Navigation is a third party system – CoPilot from ALK Technologies – that has been carefully adapted for professional use in heavy transport applications. Software and maps are easily installed from a CD. Updates, including maps, will be made once a year, available via the Scania network.Scania Voice Navigation is available for the Scania Interactor 500 and 600 on-board PCs. Both are rugged designs, compatible with extended use in tough conditions and with identical 10.4-inch touch screens and identical performance. The Interactor 600 is integrated in the long curved dashboard of Scania’s new P-, R- and T-series trucks. The Interactor 500 can be installed in any truck brand and thus used in a mixed fleet. * * *Scania Fleet ManagementScania’s fleet management system is based on an open Windows-based IT architecture that allows various programs to run on the same platform. Vehicle data conforms to the agreed industry FMS-standard. The user interface can easily be tailored to suit specific applications. Scania’s range of fleet management services also includes comprehensive communication, vehicle management with numerous monitoring and follow-up features plus theft and zone alarm, transport management including positioning, messaging and order support, as well as various support functions to facilitate driving. Office functions are Internet-based via the user-friendly Scania Fleet Management Portal.The offer also includes the Scania Interactor 200 and Scania Communicator 100. The Scania Interactor 200 is a handheld Windows-based computer with advanced communication features and access to vehicle data. It is compatible with various third party Windows-based programs and can be used in a mixed fleet of vehicles.Scania Communicator 100 is a telematics unit communicating data between the vehicle and the office without any driver interaction. It includes positioning and vehicle data monitoring and follow-up and can also be used in a mixed fleet of vehicles.* * *Illustrations are available at, News Centre, “P-, R- and T-series press room”. For further information, please contact Jonas Gustafsson, Scania Fleet Management, tel. +46 8 55380759, email[N04044EN] Per-Erik Nordström