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Scania XPI - the fuel injection system of the future

Scania XPI – for extra high-pressure injection – paves the way for emission levels beyond what is possible with today’s diesel technology. The new high-pressure injection system is being developed jointly with US engine manufacturer Cummins. Scania XPI enables Scania to focus on offering the best possible operating economy, while leading the market in environmental concern, performance and driveability.

“Scania’s objective is to further reduce emissions while offering the best possible fuel economy and driveability in order to provide the lowest overall cost of operation,” says Urban Johansson, Senior Vice President Powertrain Development at Scania. “Our successful co-operation with Cummins to develop and produce Scania HPI, our current high-pressure injection system, has led into the new long-term development project on common-rail technology.

“Efficiency and environmental performance will be the main criteria for any transport system in the future. Efficiency also speaks for the diesel engine, which despite century-long development, still has great untapped potential. With common-rail technology, Scania can continue to refine the diesel engine and its combustion process well into the 2010s.”

Future developments

For the next step in emission control, Euro 4, Scania has adopted two different technologies – EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). This strategy makes it possible for Scania to tailor solutions for specific conditions and applications. Consistent development of combustion technology will enable Scania to provide engines that meet Euro 4 emission levels with a fuel consumption that is equivalent to that of Euro 3 engines.

High-pressure fuel injection systems like Scania HPI are the key to meeting current emission levels. But even higher injection pressures will be needed to reduce emissions beyond Euro 5. This will be achieved using Scania XPI and combinations of EGR and SCR.

By that time, the emission levels from diesel engines will be so low, at least of the exhaust components we know of today, that other issues will take over. Concerns about carbon dioxide emissions and the greenhouse effect will increase and concerns about the availability of crude oil will increase the need to use the most fuel-efficient engine technology.

On Scania’s homepage you can find a new brochure in PDF-format on Scania’s engine development philosophy.

For more information, please contact Per-Erik Nordström, Business Communications, tel. +46 8 55385577.