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Scania at the RAI exhibition 2003

• Scania Longline – the ultimate long-haul cab • Crash-zone concept – saves 900 lives • New truck-driving competition in 2005 • Fleet Management – new services

At this year’s truck exhibition in Amsterdam, which opens today, Scania puts the focus on the truck driver, driver competence and driver support. The Scania Longline – the new extended cab for long international routes – is shown in public for the first time. The crash properties of Scania’s crash-zone concept is shown with animations and the full range of Scania Fleet Management services are demonstrated.

Scania Longline – the cab concept presented in September 2002 – is now in production. The extended high-roof cab is unique on the market with its vast living area behind the driver.

Scania’s crash-zone concept, shown as a scale model, is designed to provide extra protection for cars in a head-on collision. Only small adaptations of the current length and weight regulations are needed to achieve the estimated life-saving of 900 lives per year in the current EU member countries. The concept is a styling exercise to test the public’s reactions and acceptance of such a design.

Scania presents its complete range of fleet management services. The office interface is Internet-based via the user-friendly Scania Fleet Management Portal. The services on offer include tracking, zone alarm, messaging, positioning, vehicle trip data and various reports for monitoring and follow-up. On-board functions include trip data, positioning, alarm, personal assault alarm, route planning, drive time, messaging and integrated hands-free GSM telephone.

Young European Truck Driver 2003 – Scania’s pan-European truck driving competition planned in co-operation with the European Commission – was the biggest ever organised in Europe. The success of the event, which attracted 6,000 young drivers from 20 countries, has made Scania decide to run it again in 2005.

On display is also a representative selection of vehicles marketed on the European market, as well as new components and systems for the construction market.