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Scania boom in Syria

Scania is on its way to recording its best-ever year in Syria, with 100 vehicles delivered so far in the first eight months of this year. Behind the truck boom lies not only increased cargo transport to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, but also UN transport operations from the Syrian ports in Latakia and Tartous to and from Iraq.

It is the country’s private sector that is expanding – all 100 Scania trucks sold so far this year have gone to private customers.

The truck type that has accounted for the large increase in sales this year is tractors for long-haul duties. Scania’s market share amounted to 25 per cent at the close of the second quarter this year.

Scania’s distributor in Syria – Saad – will inaugurate a new Scania centre in the country within the next year. The new facility, which will house administration and sales as well as workshops and a parts warehouse, will be located beside the motorway that stretches between Damascus and Aleppo. The first unit to be completed will be the workshop.

The first Scania trucks destined for Syria were shipped there as far back as 1952, and Scania has delivered 3,600 trucks to the country since then. 1982 was the best-ever year for Scania’s exports to Syria, with just over 100 trucks sold. There is every indication that 2002 will set a new record for Scania in Syria.