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Scania Infotronics receives major order for mobile messaging systems

The Scania Assistance Centre (SAC) in Bradford, England has placed an order with Infotronics for mobile messaging systems for 130 service vehicles. This means that the SAC switchboard will benefit from more efficient information transfer between Scania service vehicles and the assistance centre.

A driver requiring assistance on the road sends a message from his or her truck to the SAC in Bradford. From there, the details are automatically relayed to the nearest service vehicle and the driver is immediately informed as to when assistance is expected to arrive. The Scania workshop can monitor events, enabling it to determine what action and parts are needed to get the customer’s vehicle back on the road.

In addition to the savings in time and the improved quality of information, which the system brings to Scania's customers and drivers, as well as Scania Assistance, it results in a significant reduction in the number of telephone calls to the SAC and for service vehicles. As a further benefit, the lead-time in dealing with the problem is also reduced. Overall, this results in higher efficiency and cost savings for all involved.

Scania Assistance also evaluated systems from other suppliers. Jan Björklund, head of Scania Assistance, is very pleased with the present solution:

"We chose Infotronics as supplier since they use an open operating system, which is ideal for integration with other systems and therefore suitable for further expansion. The similarity with the company's Fleet Analysis System also makes the product simple for our mechanics to use," says Jan Björklund.

For further information, please contact:

Jonas Gustafsson, project manager at Scania Infotronics, tel. +46 8 55380759, mobile +46 70 5684762. 

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Scania Infotronics AB is a wholly-owned Scania subsidiary responsible for the development of IT-products for trucks and buses.