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Orders for 96 buses

Scania has sold a total of 96 city and intercity buses to some of the leading operators of municipal bus services in the Nordic region. Several of the orders specify the Scania Total Concept, under which Scania assumes complete responsibility for the service and maintenance of the vehicles. Scania has increased its share of the Nordic bus market over the first six months of the year. The total value of the latest orders for vehicles and contracts is about SEK 175 million.

"Scania’s Nordic sales are progressing nicely," says Leif Nyström, MD of Scania Bus Nordic. "The response to the Scania Total Concept has been excellent. This means that Scania – working in close cooperation with several of the operators – assumes complete responsibility for service and maintenance at a fixed per-kilometre price.

"Scania is now the market leader in Finland, where we have just received orders for a total of 54 buses," continues Leif Nyström. "The customers are Connex of France and Concordia of Norway – both of which operate services in the country – and the Helsinki Public Transport Authority. Sweden’s Linjebuss, which is also owned by Connex, has ordered 25 buses for its city and intercity services. In addition, Scania has received a prestigious order for city buses for Reykjavik in Iceland."

One-third of the buses will be OmniCity and OmniLink models from the Scania city and suburban bus range, equipped with environmentally compatible aluminium bodies and Scania 9-litre Euro 3 diesel engines. The remaining vehicles will be built on the Scania L94 city and suburban bus chassis. These will be bodyworked by Vest of Norway and Lahti of Finland – companies with which Scania works closely – and by Ikarus of Hungary.

Deliveries are scheduled to commence this year. The vehicles will be built at Scania’s production units in Sweden and Poland.

For further information, please contact Gunnar Boman, Information Manager, Scania Buses & Coaches, tel. +46 150 58599 or +46 70 5508606,