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Scania produces 4 ECO-point engine from Oct 2001

To reduce the cost for ECO-points for hauliers traversing Austria, Scania will start producing an adapted version of its 12-litre turbocompound engine from October this year.

With 440 hp, the new version of Scania's 12-litre turbocompound engine is suitable for Alpine terrain, as well as normal European long-haul and construction operations. Instead of 5 ECO-points, which is normal for long-haul vehicles with Euro 3 engines, the new engine uses only 4 ECO-points for each trip through Austria. This will mean a 20% reduction in transit fees per trip for such a truck or 25% more trips per allocation of ECO-points.

The new engine will be of interest to hauliers in Austria and the neighbouring countries Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland, as well as for international operators in other countries.

The Austrian environmental regulations, requiring transit traffic to pay with ECO-points (ÖKO-Punkte) when traversing Austria, are based on the NOx-level of the exhaust gases. NOx emissions on the new Scania engine are 4.0 g/kWh, compared to 4.9 g/kWh for the 470 hp turbocompound Euro 3 engine, on which it is based.

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