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Scania presents emission-free fuel-cell bus

Scania launches a new emission-free fuel-cell concept for city buses at the current UITP Mobility and City Transport Exhibition in London. The powertrain is based on a combination of two technologies: electrical propulsion with energy generated by fuel cells, from which the only emissions are – pure water.

The concept bus is designed for inner-city operations, where its unique environmental performance is of maximum benefit.

The concept bus is powered by electrical motors powered by a fuel-cell system with an intergrated battery buffer. In addition, braking energy is regenerated. The fuel cells are fuelled by gaseous hydrogen.

Some highlights:

Emission free

Energy consumption reduced by 60%

High passenger flow thanks to flat low floor

High comfort for both driver and passenger

Stepless power transmission

Ultra-low noise and vibration level 

The concept bus is the ultimate answer to the demand for a modern city bus with minimum environmental impact.

The bus is equipped with a unique hybrid electric propulsion system, integrating wheel hub motors, driveline electronics, 600 V battery, fuel-cell system and sub systems for steering and brakes, and 24 V on-board power supply.

The fuel cell is fuelled with pure gaseous hydrogen, which is stored, under high pressure, on the roof of the bus. The fuel cell module operates at an efficiency of 52-57%, which is much higher than a conventional diesel engine producing electricity via a generator.

Energy consumption has been reduced by 60% compared to a similar bus with diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission.

The prototype is the result of a co-operation between Scania, Air Liquide (F), Nuvera (I), SAR (D), Genoa University (I) and Scania, in a project supported by funds from EU’s Non-nuclear energy programme (JOULE). The overall project budget runs at EUR 4.3 million.

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For further information, please contact

Gunnar Boman, Head of Communications, Scania Buses & Coaches

tel. +46 150 58599, e-post

Lars Overgaard, Project Manager Fuel-Cell Concept, Scania Buses & Coaches

tel. +45 20223111, e-post