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Scania 470 - new technologies in high-tech engine

In conjunction with today's opening of the Brussels truck exhibition, Scania introduces a 470-hp Euro 3 version of its 12-litre six-cylinder engine. The new engine is tailored to the needs of operators in quest of high performance, maximum payload or cargo volume, combined with good fuel economy. The engine employs new turbo and fuel technologies that boost efficiency and make for quiet and very relaxed driving. Ideal applications are weight- or volume-sensitive haulage with gross weights between 40 and 60 tonnes.

"With the 470, Scania has a very strong contender in the segment of straight sixcylinder engines above 450 hp. This new engine combines several of Scania's longrunning engine development projects," says President and CEO Leif Östling. "New injection technology and turbocompounding make this engine yet another Scania landmark in heavy vehicle technology.

"Our know-how in all these areas has enabled us to develop an engine with unusual characteristics. Besides having a pleasant sound, it is also very pleasant to drive, with an unusual spread of power in this class.

"The new systems, which have all been developed in-house, give numerous benefits in terms of transport capacity, operating economy and environmental performance. Furthermore, they add new aspects to Scania's aftersales business.

"Turbocompounding and high-pressure fuel injection also holds great potential for further emission reductions, while preserving fuel efficiency. These new systems are vital elements in Scania's environmental strategy," concludes Mr Östling.

In European longhaulage, the market segment of straight six-cylinder engines above 450 hp has started to expand. It currently accounts for more than 20,000 units annually in Europe, taking sales from the segment below (from around 390 hp), which accounts for some 100,000 units.

New fuel injection system

The 470-hp 12-litre is the first Scania engine fitted with the new high-pressure fuel injection system, Scania HPI, developed and produced jointly with Cummins. The joint development project was initiated in 1992. Production of the new system for Cummins engines started in a jointly owned production company in early 1999 and now, after two years of fine-tuning, the first Scania product with the new system is ready for the market.

The new engine also features in-house developed engine management and turbocompounding – the latter an energy-recycling concept pioneered by Scania ten years ago. The turbocompound unit is a second turbo that extracts residual energy from the exhaust gases. This energy is recycled to the crankshaft, boosting output and improving efficiency.

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