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Scania mine- and ballistic-protected vehicles in international peacekeeping duties

Scania's position as "King of the Road" is strongly based on the V8 engine that has outperformed most of the competition for the past three decades. This legendary power unit is now succeeded by an even more impressive 16-litre V8. In line with Scania's modular philosophy, many components are shared with the latest six-cylinder engines to optimise parts availability and ease-of-service.

A purpose-built Scania DI16 engine for armoured vehicles is shown at this year's Eurosatory exhibition in Paris in June. The engine, which combines extremely compact dimensions with high power and torque outputs, is equipped with a very low dry-type oil sump. This engine is currently tested by Hägglunds Vehicle in a new version of their well-known CV90 combat vehicle. Outputs range from 550 to 700 hp.

"Our new 16-litre V8 is a landmark in engine technology," states Lennart Hjelte, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania's Industrial & Marine Engine operations. "Despite being a totally new engine, Scania's modular approach means that the new V8 will be familiar to the whole of our service network. Many parts and design solutions are similar or identical to Scania's other engines."

Its predecessor, the 14-litre V8 engine has been delivered in large numbers of CV90s for the Swedish and Norwegian armed forces. No less than six CV90s will be on display on the Hägglund stand. The same 14-litre low profile V8 is installed in Giat Industry's Vextra demonstrator.

Long tradition

Scania has a long tradition in supplying diesel engines for military purposes, for armoured vehicles, engineering material and naval vessels, such as the well-known Swedish Combat vessels 90H and 90E. In Spain Scania is, since several years, involved in a repowering project with a large number of DS9 engines for BMR and VEC a vehicle.

Another interesting project is the Swiss Piranha III, armoured command vehicle from Mowag Motorwagenfabrik AG, also equipped with a Scania DS9 engine.

The unique saver ring concept

The well known Scania "saver ring", used in all Scania industrial and marine engines, consequently also in the new V8, is of vital importance in engines with high output used under extreme conditions, enabling full power from the first piston stroke by eliminating coke build-up and harmful bore polishing.

A main focus in Scania's R&D work is to facilitate servicing in all its forms. One example is the fact that a single cylinder can be repaired without the other cylinders being touched thanks to individual cylinder heads and replaceable cylinder liners. Most major work on the engines is a one-man task, even in cramped conditions.

Scania in the world

An annual production of more than 60,000 diesel engines, with outputs ranging from 250 to 800 hp, guarantees ample supply of parts and access to trained mechanics all over the world. The bulk of parts and components for engines used in military vehicles are the same as for those used in civil applications.