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Al Shirawi Enterprises first to receive Scania DOS certificate

This Monday, Scania distributor Al Shirawi Enterprises L.L.C. of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, became the first Scania distributor outside Europe to be awarded certification under Scania's Dealer Operating Standard (DOS).

DOS is the tool used by Scania to guarantee its customers - wherever in the world they are located - a uniform standard of service. Examples of this include standardised working methods, standard times for various service and repair jobs, delivery precision of vehicles and parts, and fixed prices for specified work. In all, DOS is designed to meet 19 specified customer commitments. Scania's aim is to ensure that all of its European dealers are certified under DOS by 2005.

"To Scania, service and aftersales are particularly important elements of our overall business," declares Urban Erdtman, Group Vice President, who presented the certificate to Thani Al Shirawi, MD of the company, at a press conference in Dubai on Monday.

The presentation was held in conjunction with the assembly, in the United Arab Emirates, of about 70 aftersales managers from Scania's European markets for a conference and refresher training.

"Al Shirawi has prioritised customer care in a dedicated manner, and it is no coincidence that Dubai was chosen by Scania as the site of its service school for the Middle East and the markets of north and east Africa," adds Urban Erdtman.