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Scania works with the Swedish government for more environmentally compatible vehicles

Leif Östling, the President and CEO of Scania, has today signed an agreement on cooperation with the Swedish government in the field of research and development into more environmentally compatible vehicles. The main thrust of Scania's interest lies in the areas of exhaust gas treatment, homogeneous combustion, weight reduction and traffic information systems.

"In order to secure a steady supply of strategic competence, we live in close interaction with the country's universities and technical colleges," explains Leif Östling. "The development of increasingly clean and efficient vehicles will require considerable resources in the form of both knowhow and financing. We must increase our spearhead competence – that is to say the number of doctorate graduates – and this is something that the project can facilitate."

Scania, whose investments in this area amount to more than 120 million Swedish kronor, sees the research programme as a significant means of boosting the company's competence input. Working closely with universities and technical colleges, Scania will sharpen its focus on vehicle-specific courses in order to attract the most competent engineers.

"The projects that we are now working on together are well in line with what we ourselves do," says Leif Östling. "The agreement, which involves more focused cooperation between the universities, technical colleges, the government and vehicle manufacturers, will open the door to faster development within resource-intensive areas."

Scania's R&D is currently focused on those vehicle functions that promote lower fuel consumption and cut exhaust emissions. Engine development, material choice and design are important parameters too. Via our subsidiary Scania Infotronics, we are working in parallel on the development and adaptation of IT solutions for transport enhancement.

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