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GSM makes the grade: Scania joins GPRS Applications Alliance

Scania now joins the GPRS Applications Alliance (GAA) initiated by Ericsson. This cross-industry initiative is intended to generate new applications using the new GSM-based mobile packet-switching technology, GPRS. Transmission speed is up to 30 times higher than currently possible via the GSM network. The user is constantly online, but pays only for the data transferred.

"GPRS is a big step in telecom development, transforming mobile Internet from vision into reality," says Peter Gillbrand, Managing Director of Scania Infotronics, Scania's IT development company. "The technology will be vital to our forthcoming product offer for the transport sector."

The GAA, GPRS Applications Alliance (, provides its partners with all the necessary services to be first to market and more competitive in the mobile Internet world. Established in June 1999 with an open invitation to the industry to participate, the alliance has already evaluated a number of applications in the two applications centres in Stockholm, Sweden and Menlo Park, California, as well as in other local centres worldwide.

With this new type of Internet connectivity, GPRS opens a whole world of new services. Low cost and fast access make an ideal base for the development of future mobile products.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Gillbrand, Managing Director Scania Infotronics AB,

tel. +46 70 8225969, e-mail

Patrik Svensson, Manager of GAA at Ericsson,

tel. +46 70 9860699, e-mail