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Scania concentrates European bus sales operations

In order to further improve the competitiveness of its bus operations, Scania is focusing and co-ordinating bus sales on 15 European markets within two specialised distributors: Scania Bus Europe and Scania Bus Nordic.

"We are creating a sales organisation that is closer to the customer and entirely dedicated to bus operations," explains Håkan Ericsson, Senior Vice President Scania and head of Buses & Coaches. "It is an organisation that is tailored to meet changing customer needs."

One of the reasons for this intensified co-ordination is the ongoing deregulation of public transport in Europe, leading to sweeping changes within the customer infrastructure.

"In today's world, we are increasingly often dealing with larger and more international customers, operating on several markets," says Håkan Ericsson. "These customers concentrate on efficient bus transportation and are moving increasingly towards buying in peripheral services such as repairs, maintenance and financing from external suppliers.

"Within the new units, we are grouping together the competence needed to meet these demands in an efficient way," continues Håkan Ericsson. "They can therefore serve as an active partner, thoroughly familiar with the type of comprehensive business operation that the customer requires. With such combined expertise concentrated within a given unit, support for the local distribution organisation is also enhanced on each individual market."

The markets being co-ordinated within Scania Bus Europe are Germany, France, Belgium the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. The head office of the new unit will be located in Brussels.

Scania Bus Nordic will gather the Nordic markets as well as the Baltic states and Russia. The head office is in Katrineholm, which is also the headquarters of Scania's global bus operations.

Sales on the various markets will take place both via Scania's dealers on each respective market and, for major customers, also direct from the headquarters.

The Managing Director of Scania Bus Nordic, which started operating on 1 January this year, is Leif Nyström, marketing director at Scania Buses & Coaches.

Scania Bus Europe will gradually begin operations during the first quarter of this year. The unit is headed by Rolf Teljeby, marketing director at Scania Buses & Coaches.

For further information, please contact Gunnar Boman, Scania Buses & Coaches, on telephone number +46 150 58599 or mobile phone +46 70 5508606