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Scania develops a strategic base for industrial and marine engines in Germany

In order to further boost competitiveness within the industrial and marine engine sector, Scania is concentrating its sales operations into specialised units. By transferring sales of industrial and marine engines to specialist engine distributors, the products benefit from a sharper profile and more natural exposure than they would with Scania's traditionally truck-oriented distributors. This shift in focus is ably supported by continued utilisation of Scania's extensive service network, with more than 1,000 workshops on the important European market alone.

At the Boot 2000 international boat fair in Düsseldorf, Scania is introducing a new engine distributor on the German market – ScanDiesel GmbH of Bremen. ScanDiesel GmbH has about 20 dealers and partners with specialist competence spread throughout Germany.

"Scania's industrial and marine engines will become an integrated and more natural part of a wider product range under ScanDiesel who, with its comprehensive product base, deals with a very broad customer segment," explains Lennart Hjelte, Senior Vice President Industrial & Marine Engines.

"Engines for industrial and marine applications are often made in small production series and for very special purposes. In order to permit this degree of tailoring to individual customer requirements, it is necessary to provide a high degree of specialisation at the distribution stage. By focusing on Scania's distribution operations, each of the market segments can be handled by specialists in a holistic way," concludes Lennart Hjelte.

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