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Drive Your Success: The Benefits of Scania Driver Training for Your Vehicle and Business

25 APRIL 2023

As a business owner, ensuring your vehicles operate efficiently is crucial to the success of your enterprise. One of the ways to achieve this is enrolling your drivers in a driver training program that equips them with the knowledge to improve their driving habits, road safety, and ultimately, the lifespan of your vehicle.

During the Scania Driver Training Program, we focus on the following elements to develop safe and fuel-efficient driving among drivers: 


Increasing the Lifespan of your Vehicle 


A dependable vehicle is one of the most important investments for your business, and when drivers receive training, they learn to operate the vehicles assigned to them with greater care and efficiency. Our training includes vehicle orientation, where drivers learn about various parts and systems of the vehicle, and how to perform basic maintenance checks on them. Through this training, a driver can drastically reduce the rate of wear and tear as well as the likelihood and costs of maintenance and mechanical breakdowns.


Reducing Fuel Consumption 


Driver behaviour affects fuel consumption by up to fifteen per cent, and our training educates drivers on what aspects of their driving behaviour affects fuel consumption and how that translates into fuel costs. We provide hands-on instruction on driving techniques that improve driving behaviour, such as the anticipation of road conditions while on the road.  


Reducing Wear and Tear


It is in the interest of both business owners and drivers to keep your vehicle on the road and not off it. Trained drivers understand that early defect detection is essential to reduced downtime and maintenance costs in the long run. Our driver trainers guide drivers in understanding their vehicles functionality and how to perform regular and timely vehicle check-ups. Through our training program, we educate drivers on all vehicle maintenance aspects from the wear and tear of tyres and brake parts. 


Safety on the Road


Road safety is a top priority and cannot be over-emphasised. A well-trained driver can reduce the likelihood of accidents, loss of cargo, and unprecedented insurance expenses. Our safety-focused training program emphasises how crucial the role of a driver is in ensuring the safety of all road users. “We teach defensive driving to educate drivers concerning the hazards associated with the use of motor vehicles in various road networks” explains Meshack Ong’ondo, one of the driver trainers at Scania East Africa.  Our driver trainers guide drivers on defensive driving, anticipation, and how to manage different weather and road conditions to produce drivers who transport cargo and passengers safely from one destination to the next. 


Driver Evaluation


The Scania Fleet Management System (FMS) is a comprehensive tool that empowers drivers to make informed decisions while on the road. FMS monitors a wide range of vehicle parameters including speed, engine RPM and idle time to give drivers a complete picture of their vehicle's performance. By providing real-time data on vehicle performance, drivers can quickly identify areas where they can improve, from driving style to optimising fuel efficiency, and reducing wear and tear on their vehicle. Our system guides and rates drivers on their performance to determine how efficiently they operate their vehicle. With this information at their fingertips, drivers can improve their driving behaviour to minimize fuel consumption and extend the lifespan of the vehicle.


Enrolling in our driver training program ties all this in, assuring that your vehicle is in the hands of a well-trained, proficient, and disciplined driver. We believe that investing in your drivers is an investment in your business. By providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge, you can save on fuel costs, maintenance and repairs, and ultimately, maximize your business returns. 



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