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We engineer our parts for ultimate performance, endurance, fuel economy and safety. Our experts will identify and organise the items you need quickly. And our global logistics network ensures that all Scania parts are available for rapid delivery.

Air filter

Scania air filters clean the air going into your engine with an efficiency greater than 99.9 per cent.

Fuel filter

Scania fuel filters are tested to meet Scania’s uniquely stringent performance requirements, to match different fuel systems, fuel qualities and operating conditions.

Scania oil

Scania Oil is selected and thoroughly field tested to ensure suitability for Scania high-tech powertrains.

Engine Oil Filter

Scania oil filters have high dirt absorption capacity, reduce wear and tear on the engine and minimise the risk of breakdowns, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. 

Scania Coolant

Scania coolant contains a special, high performance corrosion additive which gives much better life and stability at high temperatures than conventional coolants.

Cab Air Filter

Scania cab air filters effectively filters out dirt, dust, pollen and other small particles. The filter is designed to provide effective filtration without obstructing the flow of air.

Clutch kit

The Scania clutch provides optimum control over torque transfer and maintains comfort throughout its entire service life, avoiding judder, slippage and vibration. 


Scania alternators provide high output and efficiency, as well as a long service life. This results in greater uptime and better operating economy. 

Starter motor

A robust starter motor with high torque and good cold starting properties allows the vehicle to start safely every time. 


Scania turbochargers are adapted to specific Scania engines to ensure that they function efficiently at their required performance and emission levels. 

Unit injectors

Scania injectors provide the best possible performance and reliability with the lowest possible fuel consumption.  

Cylinder heads

Scania cylinder heads are optimised to give maximum engine performance and to allow vehicles to fulfil applicable emission requirements.


Unlike other manufacturers, we test our batteries beyond normal requirements to ensure that they can handle all operating conditions.

Brake disc and pads

The disc brake system delivers maximum safety, long service life and optimum performance in an exposed environment.

Air bellows

Scania air bellows are developed specifically for every vehicle model to provide maximum driving comfort, safety and service life under all conditions.

Ball joint, draglink

Scania ball joints minimise vibration and tyre wear. Service life is extended with an effective seal.

Cab suspension

The Scania air bellows and shock absorbers in the cab suspension provide the best possible comfort and service life.


Scania radiators are optimised for maximum cooling efficiency, helping you to maintain low fuel consumption and get better performance from the powertrain.


Scania windscreens are manufactured in a certified process with strict quality controls, so that they fit Scania vehicles precisely.

Trailer Lamp

This trailer tail light is one example of our complete assortment of trailer parts from leading suppliers.

Service exchange

Scania Service Exchange parts are the same premium quality as brand-new Scania parts, they’re fully supported by the same reassuring warranties – and they contribute to our sustainability targets.


Every driver has a unique experience behind the wheel of their Scania. Our range of Scania accessories is designed to celebrate this.

Vehicle related parts

We cover trailers, tail-lifts and hydraulic and hook lifts, so why go anywhere else? We stock 18,000 quality parts, and we work with leading suppliers so that you get the right part at the right time.

TENTIK - common marking

TENTIK is a genuine Scania part. The trademark is exclusively applied for selected parts commonly used in the TRATON GROUP.


Common marking parts have the same quality and warranty conditions as Scania marked parts and are only available through the official Scania network. 

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