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Enhancing Road Safety and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency With Scania Driver Training

22 AUGUST 2022

In line with Scania’s vision of driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system, the safety of drivers and other road users plays a critical role in the continuous development of our vehicles and solutions.


Scania Driver Training and Coaching is one of the solutions which has been developed to increase driver safety, improve driver behaviour, and reduce fuel consumption. Our certified driver trainers go beyond teaching drivers how to drive the vehicle, but teach them how they can make the most out of their Scania vehicles for their specific operations and routes. 

Recently, Scania East Africa organized a driver trainers workshop for its driver trainers stationed in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and for some of our customers’ driver trainers, to enhance their knowledge and skills in delivering training and coaching that will help drivers achieve substantial fuel savings, increase road safety, decrease on the wear and tear of tyres and the powertrain, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce emissions.


“During driver training we introduce the vehicle and its functionality to the drivers, and we focus on areas such as safety, uptime, and fuel efficiency which are important for our customers. As we advise and coach drivers, the main thing we focus on during driver training is the behaviour,” Elin Engstrom, Regional Service Development Manager, Scania Group, who conducted the training during the workshop explains. 

Elin Engstrom during a session at the workshop with the driver trainers

“Our driver services are continuously improving to target the needs of our customers in improving the skills of their drivers to maximize on their business returns. Through our other supporting tools like the Scania Fleet Management System (FMS), after driver training we are able to offer driver coaching based on their performance through the evaluation tool available on the FMS,” Hafiz Mohamed, Contracted Services Manager, Scania East Africa, adds on.


Anticipation, planning ahead, and adjusting speed according to the environment are important elements drivers should adapt in improving their driving behaviour, because with improved driver behaviour, a reduction in fuel consumption can be observed. “Fuel economy and safety go hand-in-hand. With fuel efficient driving, you are also driving safe, and it all comes down to anticipation and planning,” Elin further explains.


Fuel consumption is determined by various factors such as weight, the configuration of the vehicle, the operations and routes, and the driver behaviour which contributes to fifteen percent of the vehicle’s fuel consumption, and this fifteen percent is where driver training focuses on in enabling bus owners and transporters to reduce on their fuel expenses through efficient driving from their drivers.


“Driving training is the key to success when it comes to driver productivity, safety, and in increasing the lifespan of the vehicle. Over the years we have been conducting driver training for our drivers, we have observed a lot of behaviour change, and this is something we look forward to seeing more of with all drivers on our roads,” highlights Mark Migwi, a Driver Trainer at Coca Cola Beverages Africa – Kenya.


Even with the best drivers, Scania Driver Training and Coaching can optimize how your drivers use the vehicles in ensuring that the business potential of every Scania vehicle is used to its fullest. 



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