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Improving Your Vehicle's Fuel Economy with Scania’s Fleet Management System

02 AUGUST 2021

Scania’s Fleet Management System (FMS), installed in all Scania vehicles, provides insight into the drivers driving habits, vehicle performance, routing, and the fuel consumption of the vehicle during each trip. 

With this data, fleet owners have real-time information concerning their vehicles and driver’s performance on the road, enabling them to identify the areas needed for improvement, to maximize on the fuel efficiency of their vehicles, increase uptime, and improve on safety.


Driver Evaluation and Driving Habits


Data generated from Scania’s FMS, is also beneficial in driver coaching, in equipping the drivers with the needed knowledge to improve on their driving habits which have a significant impact on the fuel consumption of a vehicle. Across an entire fleet, savings on fuel will have a notable impact on a transporters or bus operators, bottom line.


Identifying High Fuel Consumption


The FMS is also a useful tool in identifying instances of high fuel consumption during a trip. Fleet owners have access to fuel reports for each of their vehicles and the drivers assigned to the vehicles, which provide information of fueling events, such as when and where refueling occurred, the amount of fuel refueled, and the fuel consumption on each trip. With this information, fleet owners can identify vehicles and drivers with high fuel consumption.


Route Planning


The route that vehicles take to their destination also plays a major role in improving on fuel efficiency. If drivers take routes out of their way or through known high-traffic areas, this adversely impacts on the fuel consumption of their vehicles. Scania’s FMS enables fleet owners to analyze different routes, to identify the most fuel-efficient routes for their drivers on each trip.


Vehicle Performance


Additionally, the Scania FMS provides a list of events which have occurred during a trip, such as the vehicle status, when the engine is on or off, low engine pressure and fleet position. This information makes it easy to detect vehicle failures before they happen. Planning ahead and ensuring that your vehicle is at its optimum will help in improving on fuel efficiency and reducing the downtime of the vehicle.


Service Planning


Scania’s FMS helps maximize your vehicle’s uptime through service planning. The calendar gives you an overview of upcoming service dates, repairs needed and workshop history. When scheduled servicing and repairs are followed, this not only reduces downtime but also improves on the vehicle’s fuel economy. Following the recommended service intervals will enable technicians to detect service issues such as clogged air filters that could increase your vehicles fuel consumption in good time.