Camera and safety Solutions

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Lighten the load with the right camera package

Increasing safety through increased visibility is one measure your business can take to help protect your vehicle, workforce and other road users. We offer a range of camera and safety solutions, designed for all makes and models. Taking advantage of the latest technology including 4G connectivity, DVR HD cameras, state-of-the-art software and built in storage, you can choose a ready to go package or be completely bespoke to your needs.

Upto 2TB Storage

Solutions can be packaged with up to 2TB storage.

Full HD Cameras

Crystal clear footage via our HD Cameras.

4G Connectivity

10 x faster than 3G, you can have instant access to download your footage from our DVRs.

a clear vision right from the start

Whether you are looking to simply increase safety through enhanced visibility and driver awareness, comply with the latest standards and legislation or win that next contract, we've got the right package for you.

Expertly installed

We'll work with you, to find the right solution for your fleet and business needs. And then fit it at a time convenient for you!

Peace of mind

All our camera and safety packages come with a 24 months part warranty when fitted in our workshops, giving you assurance in your purchase.

protect your investment

If it comes to an accident, your camera systems can act as an independent witness and provide key footage to avoid disputes.


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