Graduating in Style 

Graduation Day. A huge milestone that marks what you've worked so hard for. Three-years worth of training, hundreds of trucks worded on, thousands of parts touched; all building up to this day. A day that celebrates you as a qualified hgv technician.


Historically, apprenticeships were a pass or fail, and that was it, move on to get on with the career. And there is still a perception that an apprentice doesn't graduate in the same way as a university student would. But at Scania, graduating is kind of a big deal, and something that we like to celebrate. After all, it isn't everyday that you pass two qualifications in one go and come out a full experienced and trained technician!


At TruckEast, our apprentices work hard. Balancing both a full-time role and an apprenticeship qualification isn't always easy. So to take the the time to showcase that success and take pride in everything accomplished is important.

Graduating a Scania Apprenticeship

But what does it really feel like to graduate?Why not hear for yourself from some of the Scania 2022 apprentice graduates.

Hear for yourself from our Scania 2022 graduates