23rd January 2019

Since it was originally announced back in 2016 by London mayor Sadiq Khan, the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) has been the talk of the transport industry. And now, Transport for London (TFL) have launched the final consultation, and they’re giving you the chance to have your say.


The scheme, designed to improve the safety of all road users, will rate trucks over 12 tonnes between 0 stars (lowest) and 5 stars (highest) based on the amount of direct vision the driver has from the cab windows. TFL wants to ensure that vulnerable road users will always be seen and never in danger, especially when walking or riding next to much larger vehicles.


If the final proposal is approved, from October 2020 vehicles rated 0 stars will be banned from London, unless they have a Safe System permit. The permit is given to vehicles if they have been retrofitted with extra approved safety equipment to improve their vision and ensure vulnerable road users are not in any danger. The safe system is a series of measures designed to reduce risk, including for example, a camera designed to minimise the driver’s blind spot. Four years later in 2024, the rules are set to tighten further, with only vehicles meeting 3 star ratings and above being allowed into London without a Safe System permit.


So, how do you know the star rating of your vehicle? Well if it’s Euro IV, V or VI it is available from your vehicle manufacturer. For Scania vehicles, we have listed the contact details below.


TFL are urging those in the industry to have their say before the final consultation, which will close on Monday 18th February. You can have yours here.


Subject to final consultation, the Safe System permits will be available from 2019.


Find out the latest information on the direct vision standard enforcement – what it is, how to obtain a safety permit and how we can help you to stay compliant.