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Scania Procare

Helping you be a smoother operator

We understand that nothing is more important than having a smooth and seamless business machine.  Which is why the reliability and trust in your vehicles is critical when it comes to maximising your productivity, but also your business’ potential.  That is why we’ve introduced ProCare - our most advanced service offering.  Helping you to focus on the things that matter the most to you – your business.

Data driven promises

Based on the data received 24/7 from over 600 000 connected vehicles globally, in combination with your specific vehicle data – our advanced analytics intelligence accurately predicts future mechanical issues, and solves them before they happen.

One step ahead

ProCare is designed to proactively recommend the replacement of certain components before they reach their end-of-life, break and cause an unplanned stop or urgent service need, but to also automate the process.


Besides adding new identified maintenance or replacement items to your upcoming service events in the vehicle service plan, the system is also designed to send automatic* notifications to your maintaining workshop.


This means if they have the latest information regarding what parts or components are due for replacement, they can be ordered in advance, helping to minimise the time spent in the workshop. 

Digital service with a human touch

Although ProCare combines advanced algorithms that are processing vast amounts of data, with continuous 24/7 data monitoring – you always have your personal contacts at your local workshops. Someone you know, that knows you and your operation – rather than seeing you as an anonymous chassis number on a computer screen.


So, while the ProCare algorithms help to make fast and accurate decisions, your contact is always involved in terms of planning the service events where those decisions will be acted upon.



Full fleet coverage

ProCare is offered on a per-vehicle, per-contract basis, which means that no matter if you have just one regular route or every vehicle has a unique operation type, it will adapt accordingly. 


There are no generalisations, each vehicle is analysed using its own individual data points and the maintenance plan will be updated accordingly.

Want to know more about ProCare?

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What keeps you on the road

  • All data is analysed on centralised servers – enabling very powerful and complex calculations that allow for highly uptime-optimised service. 

  • Scania ProCare is under constant development – with more intelligence for each day that passes. 

  • The latest updates and refinements of the service and its constantly expanding component coverage are automatically applied to every contracted vehicle. 

  • Each vehicle is analysed using its own individual calculations to ensure every unique data point is accounted for, and Information regarding fault codes and deviations are evaluated daily.
  • The service plan adapts continuously to changing factors such as driving behaviour and operational characteristics.

  • Advanced conclusions can be drawn by combining insights and tracking trends from multiple data sources, such as: Engine load, crank time, start/stop frequency, engine hours, truck specification, rpm, ambient temperature and a large number of sensor values.

  • Any additional costs incurred from our advanced predictions and fix before failure method will be covered by your R&M contract, subject to terms of your contract (standard exclusions apply).

Scania Procare helps M&M Haulage rest easy at night

For Director Steve Atkinson, being on time and meeting his customer's deadlines are non-negotiables for his business.  Based in Newcastle, M&M Haulage (Ryton) Limited run a fleet of five Scania tippers 24/7, so minimising downtime is critical if they are going to keep their customers happy and those relationships strong.


Failure is not an option.  Because if a truck won't start or comes to a standstill that means the job comes to a halt, which in Steve's world equates to a road or runway not opening on time, hefty fines being incurred, and irreversible damage to the relationship with his customer.


But Scania ProCare takes away that anxiety, which gives Steve and his drivers the reassurance that their vehicles are ready to tackle whatever job they face each day.


"Scania ProCare is a remarkable step forward for hauliers, says Steve.  "It takes peace of mind to another level."


“Our trucks are running day and night, and ProCare means I can go to bed at night knowing that the chances of those trucks going down has decreased dramatically.”

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use for our ProCare service and can be found here. 

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