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We focus on efficient, low-carbon solutions that enhance profitability. Our modular product systems deliver customised heavy trucks, buses, coaches and engines, which are built around our customers’ needs and lead the market in sustainable transport.

Modular Design

We build trucks that build business.  It's not just about performance, reliability and economy. It's about Scania's knowledge of your business.


Scania buses and coaches are inspired by the people who travel in them and those who drive them.  We're dedicated to creating vehicles that provide the best results possible, whether that's happy passengers on the daily commute or profitable solutions for fleet managers.


O-Licence Protector


The Scania O-Licence Protector programme gives the reassurance of compliance with all Ministry inspections, annual MOT, document filing and defect reporting.


Service Conract


The Scania Service Contract provides comprehensive maintenance to manufacturer's guidelines and ensures protection of your operator's licence.


Repair and Maintenance


Available for all vehicles and includes comprehensive product cover against original component failure or wear and tear, subject to age/mileage and a pre-contract inspection.


The services we provide extend from pre-sales advice, financing and new and used sales to bodybuilder liaison and vehicle management services, plus a host of related activities designed to ensure your fleet keeps on running.


To achieve this goal, our network of depots provide round-the-clock support.  In a world, it's all about uptime and convenience - your convenience.

New trucks

We build trucks that build businesses. It's not just about performance, reliability and economy: it's about Scania's knowledge of your business

Used trucks

You buy a Scania used vehicle for all the same reasons you buy a new one – built-in toughness, durability, reliability and low operating costs. And you know you can always rely on our effective support services.


Power Solutions

You’ll find Scania engines at the heart of transport and industry across the world. So it makes sense for companies to invest in superior Scania engineering that champions quality, robustness, reliability and total operating economy

Truck Rental

Over 20 years’ experience means we understand your needs. We make it easier for your business to take on new challenges, cover unscheduled downtime and control costs. And you’ll always speak to the right contact – we don’t do call centres, we do people.

Our customers are our priority

“Service is always top of my agenda, and that’s an ethos that runs through the whole team. We appreciate the task in hand is to keep our customers running.”

Owner, Williams Haulage Ltd

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