Leave and Absences


In the same way as your working hours are regulated, we also have guidelines for leave, illness and other abscence. The regulations can differ depending on wether you are a permanent employee or a summer worker.


Whatever job you have, there is a need for relaxation and leave. The holiday year counts from 1 April - 31 March where you earn approx. 2 days of your upcoming vacation during each month you work. You are entitled to 4 consecutive weeks' holiday during the summer months. The holiday period is agreed every year and is usually between weeks 29 - 32.

If you want to take a holiday at another time, you must apply for leave with your manager in good time.


Advance holiday days are offered under certain conditions, and it means that you can take agreed holiday days with full payment, even if you have not had time to accrue your holiday entitlement. If you are included in the offer or not depends on the time of the year you are employed and what kind of employment you have. If you are entitled to advance holiday days, you have received the offer in connection to signing your employment contract.



Complete terms and conditions for advance holiday days can be found in your employment contract and on our Intranet when you start your employment.


As you work, you are continuously accruing time, known as working time reduction/time bank (AFK). The time can be deducted and used in agreement with your manager.

other absence

There are, of course, other reasons when you need to be absent from work other than holiday, you will find more information on our intranet.

if you become ill on your first day

Even in the best circumstances, you may sometimes become ill and need to stay at home. If you need to report sick on your first day, don´t forget to inform your manager.

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