As an employee, you will soon discover that Scania offers more than an interesting job and a future career. Across our business, we work together to improve our products, our methods and our expertise, but we also know how important work balance is to you. By offering a range of benefits that you can choose from, Scania aims to make life a little easier for you and maybe even add something extra.

Wellbeing is important for Scania therefore we offer all our employees an allowance of SEK 2500/year. Read more on the benefit portal, Scania for me, about what is included and how to administrate this.

A Scania company car is an employee benefit that Scania offers all employees in the group. You can choose from cars within the VW group and is applicable for new cars. The leasing period is 24 months. The company car is a cost-neutral car for Scania that you pay for through a salary deduction.

As a complement to the work injury insurance paid by Scania , you can also sign a group life insurance at an affordable rate to provide extra security for you and your family. As a new employee, you will get the first three months for free. An external insurance broker manages Scania’s voluntary group life insurance on behalf of Scania. You can read more about the offer on our benefit portal when you have started your employment.

Employees who travel between Stockholm and Södertälje can use Scania’s own bus line – Scania Job Express. You can buy a daily or monthly ticket via Scania for Me. Scania Job Express is also available between Kalmar and Oskarshamn. You can read more about the offer on our benefit portal when you have started your employment.

Scania offers subsidized lunch in our cantinas. Employees in Scania CV use their badge when buying lunch, it will be deducted from your salary. Employees in Scania Sverige AB can buy Rikskortet which also can be used in other restaurants outside Scania. For you who want to bring your own lunch, most of the buildings have dedicated eating areas where you find microwaves and refrigerators.