Our core values


Our core values form the basis for all we do at Scania. They have been firmly anchored and integrated in Scania’s operations for generations. Our core values reflect and embody our thinking, our way of carrying out work and how we relate to each other and to others we meet outside the company – customers, suppliers, partners and society at large.

Customer first

Our customers are the starting point of everything we do.


We are only successful when our customers are successful, and we cooperate closely with them to understand their current and future business. We provide tailored solutions that deliver value, are sustainable and profitable, today and in the future. 


We respect each individual, their skills and opinion.


We treat others with respect and expect to be treated with respect. We listen and understand. Everyone can contribute and has the potential to grow and learn over time. Respect is the foundation of all processes, all improvements, and all value creation. 

Team spirit

We all win when we work as a team.


We work as one team towards a common goal, united by a joint purpose. A team includes everything from the smallest group of colleagues, through each brand, up to the TRATON Group itself and our partners. Together we succeed.


We take responsibility for society and environment.


We always act with integrity and look beyond our immediate areas of responsibility, considering the long-term impact of our actions.

We take responsibility both as a group and as individuals. 

Elimination of waste

We minimise unnecessary cost by eliminating waste.


With a strong focus on continuous improvements, from strategic step changes to operational every-day changes, we ensure high-quality output and efficiency in all areas. We find and remove all activities that have no value to our end customers and seek to minimise the negative impact of our operations and products. 

The Scania Way training

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