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Workshop Development

As part of our recent Al Shirawi Group initiative, we are looking at ways to be more sustainable within our organization.  Not only to protect our environment but taking on the 12 sustainable development goals outlaid by the United Nations.  This includes looking at how we can continue to offer profitable services, how we can improve the lives of others, and how we can create long lasting beneficial relationships.


We evaluated the environment that our highly skilled and talented Scania Heavy Truck engineers operate within and realized that it could be improved and upgraded.  Although we always ensured ventilation and fans were present in the workshop, temperatures can reach 52degrees Celsius.  This is not a work environment that will allow any team to thrive.  That’s why the decision was made to provide Air Conditioning in the workshop, and to offset the energy with Solar Panels.


The benefits are two-fold.  We improved the working environment for our team, making their workspace more comfortable, showing our appreciation and the value of their hard work.  Resulting in benefits for our customers too.   They now have access to a team of highly skilled mechanics, who are ready to repair their trucks no matter the time of day, temperature outside or the duration of the repair.  This helps increase workshop turnaround, ensuring our customers experience the maximum uptime possible.


In the future as an organization, and as a group, we will continue to do our part for the environment.  We are looking to how we can continue to transform, evolve and enterprise the future for our customers and our team.