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Scania, The Trusted Partner for QETCO

Qatar Express Transport Company (QETCO) is a subsidiary of Ibin Ajayan Group of Companies, one of the leading transport contractors in Qatar. Equipped with modern range of coach buses and has been in this industry for more than 40 years.

QETCO purchased 32 Scania buses and operating in 3 major locations in Oil and Gas sector across Qatar. The buses are used for staff transportation and students. Each bus has different function and location of service, with some operating around the clock and up to 600 kilometers each day.

QETCO has been a transport partner for various government sectors. “Since the business started, we have been offering premium quality services for this segment and we are proud to say that we are one of the pioneers when it comes to transportation”, said Mr. Ayman Farouk, Managing Director, working for 13 years in Ibin Ajayan Group.

Scania buses are renowned for outstanding operating economy and sustainability, with engine that provides smooth drive with optimum performance and economy. Scania buses are built to last and perform day in, day out – whether it’s a 10-minute bus journey or a two-week trip. It offers real passenger comfort and safety, fitted with luxurious features and profound noise insulation, with full driver air-suspension which offers unrivalled comfort levels.


 “Drivers are very much comfortable with Scania bus, as well as the passengers. It fits their need and we are also happy to hear that from them. We haven’t received any serious issues or technical problems as ARACO has good aftersales services”, added by Mr. Babar Zaman, Operations Manager of QETCO.

In a tough competition, QETCO preferred to choose Scania for its advantageous features, one of it is the privacy between the cabins and the driver’s section. And this is more beneficial specially this time that the pandemic erupted. As QETCO is in the transportation sector, they have never stopped their operations as their clients are depending on them.

The quest to minimize operating expense has been achieved, as Scania bus proved its efficiency through its magnificent performance and it is being witnessed on how it improves the operating economy of QETCO.

“The bus consumes 3-4 liters of petrol per one kilometer, its consumption is better than the competitors. Scania is a well-known brand. We know the quality of the bus and we trusted ARACO as they are responsive every time we need a technical support from them. Our experience in the field is a combine factors of QUALITY SERVICES AND QUALITY PRODUCTS, which resulted us to introduce this brand to our customers”, Mr. Ayman Farouk said.

As QETCO’s focus is on government sector, they are preparing for any opportunities related to transportation for the FIFA World Cup 2022. They would positively choose Scania to be their partner in their transportation business.