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Tristar Transport

With a presence in 21 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas, Tristar is a global player in energy logistics serving the downstream oil and gas industry. Integrated services include Road Transport and Warehousing, Maritime Logistics, Fuel Farms, Remote Fuels, and Commercial Fuels.


Road transport of petroleum products is a key pillar for the company. International best practices in driver and vehicle management make Tristar the partner of choice for most national and international oil majors. The company offers road transport services across the GCC, Asia and Africa. When it comes to vehicle selection, Tristar follows the latest local and international standards (ADR) with focus on road and driver safety.


The recently delivered Scania NTG P410 A6X2NA vehicles are specified with the following safety features:  

  • Advanced emergency braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Airbag in the steering wheel, Belt pretensions, Side inflatable curtain in the driver's side, Energy Efficiency Package (Aerodynamic Efficiency Package) which helps to reduce the fuel consumption by equipping the vehicle with aerodynamic aids. The aids give higher fuel efficiency by reducing air resistance.  Adjustable Roof air deflector, Side air deflector, and Side skirts.
  • Preparation for rear view camera on semi-trailer, which is connected to the infotainment system's monitor and is activated when reverse gear is engaged. Wiring and connector for semi-trailer are fitted.
  • Daytime running lights, consisting of (LED) daytime running lights and position lights, are switched on automatically when the engine is started.
  • Extra grounding of fuel tank, fifth wheel and half shaft (fulfills Safe Loading Pass).
  • Tag axle behind rear axle: 3-axle vehicle with drive on the rear axle and one trailing tag axle.
  • The vehicles come with ESP (electronic stability program) and the driver does not have the option to deactivate the system, and Scania Retarder. The R4100D is a hydraulic auxiliary brake that is integrated with the gearbox and brakes directly on the gearbox's output half shaft. The 4100D retarder has a mechanical clutch, which facilitates disengagement from the powertrain. This minimizes the retarder's losses which results in reduced fuel consumption


Mr. Suresh Sampanna, General Manager Tristar Oman: “We are achieving a Fuel average of 3.4 km/ liter. This is possible with the combination of optimized vehicle spec’s, ongoing driver training, and maintenance package that is tailored for our operations. Also our trailers are optimized to suit the prime movers recently added to our fleet of fuel tanker trailers. They are made of aluminum, and equipped with safety features. We offer the highest standards of what is possible in fuel road transport. And our customers expect nothing less from us.  

Mr. Abrar Hussain, Workshop Manager for Tristar Oman confirms: “We introduced new rigid Scania 8x2 chassis with 26000Liters fuel tanker to our fleet specified according to the legal legislation, and equipped with all safety features which are first of its kind in the region. SATA’s sales manager Mr. Vineeth together with our technical team specified and optimized the specifications as per our needs. Thanks to this approach the fuel average is approximately 3.4 km/liter on the new units. The new tailor-made Maintenance contract with extra agreement is an added advantage”.