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Scania at Expo 2020

This year the long awaited Expo 2020 will be kickstarting from 1st October 2021 and will go on till the 31st March 2022. Scania is now one of the Official Partners within the Swedish Pavillion and will be showcasing some of our efforts to create and contribute to a sustainable future.


What is Expo 2020?
It is one of the world’s largest peace projects with almost every country in the world present at the same location for six months, trying to address and solve the challenges of tomorrow. It is the largest trade promotion that the Swedish government will be undertaking and programming content mainly to support the development of Swedish exports and strengthening the global view of Sweden in the world with sustainability in focus.

Where is the Swedish pavillion located?
The Swedish pavilion which will be called ”The Forest” will be located in the Sustainability District. The theme that the Swedish pavilion will follow is CO-CREATION FOR INNOVATION.

Come join us at the Expo 2020 and explore the Swedish Pavillion in the Sustainability Disrict starting from 1st October 2021