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Control Package

Control Package combines a collection of our digital service offerings in a single package that creates true value and increased productivity for your operation – by increasing vehicle efficiency, driver skill and performance, minimizing downtime and climate footprint, as well as improving your administrative workflow.


The collection of digital services found in the Control Package are uniquely combined to take the guess work out of which solutions help track your fleet, monitor driver behaviour, stay on top of vehicle performance and carbon footprint or share relevant data with your end customers/stakeholders.


The Control Package includes the following services:

✓ Monitoring Report
✓ Driver Evaluation
✓ Service Planning ✓ Scania Zone
✓ Fleet Position ✓ Data Access
✓ Vehicle Performance
✓ Check before drive

Customer benefits

Reduced downtime

More conscious and safer driving habits will reduce wear and tear on the vehicle and decrease the risk of accidents. In combination with appropriate planning for maintenance and repairs, this will lead to less time in the workshop, with a positive effect on productivity as a result.

Cost saving

Reduced accident risk, vehicle wear and fuel consumption reductions thanks to improved driving behaviour leads directly to cost savings. Further improvement opportunities in terms of work expenses and cost savings can be identified by following up and comparing vehicles with similar configuration and routes, analysing more than 85 different parameters.  


Actively enforce or help drivers to comply with speed limit regulations, increasing safety on the road. Additionally, customised and easy to use checklists lets drivers verify everything needed in terms of the vehicle to maximise safety and prevent unplanned downtime.

Improved fuel efficiency

By analysing fuel consumption patterns and following-up factors such as engine performance, idle time, and harsh-brake applications you can improve fuel efficiency. The insights also help you to identify inefficient driving practices, such as excessive idling or aggressive driving, and take corrective measures. For instance, reducing idling and unnecessary driving in Power Mode can reduce fuel consumption as much as 10%.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Fleet tracking and monitoring provides the possibility to increase efficiency and productivity by improving route planning and staying on top of accumulated driving time. It also provides notifications of when a vehicle is arriving or leaving a certain area, allowing improved planning for loading or unloading, and keeping track of timing.

Environmental sustainability

Follow up emissions (CO2, NOx, HC, CO & PM) on a vehicle level, and set up automatic switching to electric operation in hybrid vehicles – generating less emissions and allowing operation in zero-emission zones. Additionally, the reduced fuel consumption automatically leads to reduced environmental impact due to lower CO2 emissions – with positive impact for both your business and society.

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