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BEV Control Package

Our Control Package designed specifically for Battery Electric Vehicles provides access to foundational fleet management services adapted for your unique vehicle and its operations. 


Fleet Positioning: For Battery Electric Vehicle data visualisation, information and tracking of State-of-Charge (SOC) in map view supported by trucking map data. Information of on-going charging in vehicle information and map (icons, events). Data updates are shared in a 1-minute frequency as standard. 


- Battery Electric Vehicle Range Support helps you to map visualisation and simple range simulator to learn about battery performance in real life operations. Knowing your range estimation time/distance with electric drive for the vehicle allows you to accurately plan your trips. 


- Vehicle Performance offers important performance information such as energy consumption tracked along the driven distance. Time selection for customised reporting to suit your analysis needs is available to offer you a truly customizable experience like no other. Important events and alarms – for example low State-of-Charge (SOC) warnings can also be tracked for each vehicle.

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