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Scania has launched a comprehensive range of products with alternative fuels and powertrains for Euro 6. The drive is a decisive step in the company's long-term commitment to offering the widest range of sustainable transport solutions.

Sustainable solutions for all hauliers, here and now

“No matter what driving conditions are like or what local circumstances are, there is probably always an alternative solution available from Scania, right here and now,” claims Christopher Podgorski, Senior Vice President Scania Trucks. “This launch lets us demonstrate to all types of transport players that they can reduce their CO2 footprint very simply, without giving up anything or incurring significantly higher costs.”

The newest and most spectacular item in Scania’s offer is the hybrid truck now premiering and being test-driven by European trucking and environmental journalists. The hybrid solution, developed by Scania itself, allows an 18-tonne distribution truck to operate solely on electric power for up to two kilometres.

Scania is also introducing a 5-cylinder inline 9-litre engine for ED95 fuel with 280 horsepower. Thanks to a torque of 1,250 Nm it has good driveability and is suitable for a number of transport applications.