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Pressroom: Busworld 2015

The brand new Scania Interlink Low Decker, launched at Busworld Kortrijk 2015, introduces a new concept in the market, the first complete gas-fuelled bus for suburban operations which is equally attractive for shorter intercity travel. In short, it’s a bus for suburban operations, airport shuttle transfers, intercity journeys and school bus assignments all wrapped in one.

Scania unveils versatile buses with unrivalled flexibility

“This bus provides previously unmatched versatility in the market, allowing operators to uncompromisingly tailor the bus to suit their operations,” says Klas Dahlberg, Head of Buses and Coaches at Scania.  

Scania provides operators with unrivalled flexibility, allowing them to select desired length and layout. Making the most of the interior, operators can opt for effective and spacious seating in intercity applications and a passenger-optimised layout for suburban traffic. 

The new bus joins the new Scania Interlink family along with the Medium Decker and High Decker. All feature the unmistakably attractive Scania front and rear styling. The unique angled front with its lower weight and greater turning radius can lower fuel consumption and noise level.

Scania Interlink Low Decker is offered for the full range of engine options, including bioethanol, diesel and biodiesel. The exhibited Scania Interlink Low Decker at Busworld features Scania’s widely acclaimed 320 hp Euro 6 gas engine. This engine has been globally recognised for its excellent performance with the same drivability and torque as diesel, resulting in hundreds of deliveries not only in Europe but also in Asia and Latin America.

“We can now offer customers an opportunity to substantially reduce their CO2 emissions in line with the growing awareness of the urgent need to reverse global warming,” says Klas Dahlberg. “Cities around Europe are increasingly restricting the use of diesel and Scania provides the widest range of alternatives.” 

By offering unrivalled flexibility, the Scania Interlink Low Decker takes a significant step in meeting the diverse transport needs of operators. “We’ve taken the market’s concerns to heart in designing this bus for the future,” underlines Klas Dahlberg.