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Pressroom: Scania at UITP 2015

Convenient and efficient passenger transport is key to solving both congestion and pollution problems in modern cities. An essential initial step is boosting the image of public transport, which can be achieved without delay using state-of-the-art bus technology and smart bus systems.

Scania has recently launched the Scania Citywide low entry hybrid bus. Unlike most hybrid buses in the market, it is ideally suited for combined city and suburban operations with speeds up to 100 kilometres per hour.

There is a widespread misconception that congested downtown traffic generates the greatest savings with hybridisation. In fact, larger savings are made in suburban operations at higher speeds, where Scania has calculated payback after just over five years. That also includes battery replacements during the lifespan. By comparison, payback is some two years later in purely inner-city operations.

This bus is ideally suited for operations between suburban and inner-city areas. Passengers can benefit from greater comfort at the rear during longer journeys. The forward low-floor section without seats is perfectly designed for a high and flexible passenger flow during short inner-city trips.