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The road towards a sustainable transport system

How do we make the shift towards more sustainable transport? And how can Sweden and the EU take a leading role? Welcome to a future-oriented discussion with the Swedish Minister for Infrastructure, Anna Johansson, and Scania’s President and CEO Martin Lundstedt, among others. The seminar is held in conjunction with the final of Scania’s Young European Truck Driver (YETD) Competition in Södertälje.

The final of Scania’s Young European Truck Driver Competition takes place in Södertälje on Saturday 25 April. Drivers from 26 countries have qualified from national and regional competitions, to compete and find out who is Europe's most skilled truck driver in terms of road safety and fuel consumption.

In conjunction with the final, Scania arranges a seminar focused on how to ensure the transition to more sustainable transport.

A number of key topics will be discussed: What will cities demand in terms of sustainable mobility in the future? How do we make the most of the opportunities provided by increased wireless connectivity of vehicles? What skills and qualifications will be required by future sustainable transport systems? How can we work together with our customers and other stakeholders to create a truly sustainable transport system?

After the seminar, you will be given the opportunity to visit the Scania Technical Centre, the heart of our development activities where 3500 people work daily to develop future technologies for sustainable transport. Some of Scania's most prominent research and development projects will be on display.

There will also be a possibility to take a tour of Scania's production facilities. And of course, a great opportunity to see Europe's most skilled drivers compete against each other.

Welcome to Södertälje!