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Pressroom: Scania at SMM

Scania offers a complete marine engine concept to meet the toughest demands of reliability, performance and operating economy.

The platform, with the high-output 16-litre V8, the powerful 13-litre and the 9-litre engines will be on display at the SMM maritime trade fair in Hamburg.

The Scania Marine Solution is geared to customer needs, whether that applies to planning vessels, displacement vessels or for auxiliary application.

Scania offers world-class solutions that, in addition to marine engines for propulsion and auxiliary applications, include optimised factorya-fitted transmission and second-generation instrumentation.

Scania stands by its customers, providing professional guidance, specifications and support during the entire building and installation process. Its global network of skilled distributors offer dedicated support in application engineering to ensure the highest customer-adapted quality.

Throughout the vessel’s service life, Scania’s commitment remains and more than 1,600 service workshops worldwide stand ready to ensure maximum uptime.

In addition to the 16-litre V8 and the 13-litre inline six-cylinder, Scania’s marine engine range also comprises a range of 9-litre inline five-cylinder units. Intended for propulsion and auxiliary use, the engines are all based on Scania’s state-of-the-art modular engine platform, which is used for marine, industrial, power generation, truck and bus applications worldwide.

The engines build on a long tradition of amazingly compact power packs that share both technology and architecture with Scania's truck and bus engines. This makes for easy installation and exceptional performance.

Scania will show the full marine engine range at the SMM 9–12 September.