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Pressroom: ConExpo 2014

Scania’s industrial engines are ready for US Tier 4 final and EU Stage IV. With EGR and SCR technology and no particulate filter, DPF, the engine uses the same installation footprint regardless of emission steps. Scania’s engine management and emission control ensure an attractive blend of customised performance and long-term operating economy. Engine versions that meet all current emission steps, including Stage II and IIIA, are available.

Full range of Tier 4f engines

Scania will exhibit a full range of engines complying with US Tier 4f emission regulations, consisting of a 9-litre Tier 4f/EU Stage IV engine, a 13-litre Tier 4f/EU Stage IV engine and the powerful 16-litre V8 Tier 4f/EU Stage IV engine together with a SCR unit.

No need for a particulate filter

With clean and refined combustion technology, Scania manages the very stringent Tier 4f and Stage IV regulations that apply from 2014 without the need for a particulate filter (DPF). Scania has many years’ experience of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) from trucks, buses and industrial engines.

Same installation dimensions

Each of the three engine ranges has the same installation dimensions irrespective of emission level. The installation remains unaffected, which significantly reduces the efforts required by global OEMs.

Contact information

Arthur Schuchert

Industrial Sales Manager - Scania USA Inc.

Email: art.schuchert@scaniausainc.com